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Expose Montana Judge Shanstrom - Jack Shanstrom - Montana Federal Judge Jack D. Shanstrom

"Demonic Montana Federal Judge Jack D. Shanstrom"

See I have heard of many Montana Counties that mess with deeds, abuse Tax Lien Laws, Steal Property from out of state owners and elderly. In many of those cases the County or cronies are said to take out loans on the property and no one is the wiser. Some of this is discussed in the Beneath the Beauty Documentary.

Looks like Montana Federal Judge Jack D. Shanstrom will have many wrongful incaration lawsuits coming his way.  Though Judge Shanstrom is so old at this point his family, his estate will surely pay the financial price for the trail of victims of Jack D. Shanstrom. Time to Expose Judge Jack Shanstrom

Judge Jack Shanstrom is said to be one of the many Rogue Judges in Montana who do not base decisions in law but rather in the rule of man, political agendas and discrimination. Judge Jack Shanstrom seems to have wrongfully convicted many in Montana. Do you have a Judge Jack Shanstrom story? It is time to Expose the dirty deeds of Judge Jack Shanstrom in Montana. Time to say Enough is Enough and those paid to enforce the Law SHOULD not be above the Law. Expose Them.

It is said that Judge Jack Shanstrom has a son in prison for the murder of an elderly person.  Seems like Judge Jack Shanstrom was not much of a father, have a tip on Judge Jack Shanstrom, Montana?  Email me at

Keep in mind the not so Honorable Judge Jack Shanstrom has been reigning king of Park County Montana for a very long time. Jack Shanstrom was assistant city attorney of Livingston, Montana and was a Park County Attorney of Livingston Montana.  Jack Shanstrom has been in and out as a district judge for a long time and good ol' boy extraordinaire. Judge Jack Shanstrom is a University of Montana alumni, that should come in handy as the US Attorney General funds corruption out of U of M, in funding new law wings and ignoring the victims rights such as the case of   Angela Wetzsteon former University of Montana law student.

Judge Shanstrom is also a Senior Judge in Montana, and therefore has alot of power to do as he please.  And so does judge Molloy, whom I believe was on the wrong side of the moral compass in the WR Grace Trials.

In Montana, Corruption is pretty hard to beat, the county commissioners past and present step up, the newspapers chime in to discredit the whistle blower and so much racket is made to create a diversion of the "Wrong Bad Guy" that you don't have much of a chance.  Expose them, get videos, get documents, start a blog, start a YouTube Channel, speak up by your real name.  Yes judges will set you up, cops will harass you for judges and the so called Media such as Lee Enterprises will flat out lie about you, still post the truth - Expose Corrupt Judges, County Attorneys, Cops, Commissioner in Montana.

The Billings Gazette is owned by Lee Enterprise, now we know that Lee Enterprises is paid to hide the secrets of Montana Judges, Montana Law Enforcement that violates the Constitutional Rights of Montana Citizens. Lee Enterprises is Corruptions favorite tool to sell the wrong story to an unsuspecting public.

In the State of Montana you are not a victim, by law, unless a Montana court says there was even a crime, which good luck with that as Montana is pay to play and corruption is rampant, and local newspapers had better print the version they are told or they are fun out of business.  Federal Victim laws are very different then the constitutional violating victim laws in Montana. Also remember in Montana protective orders are not mutual and are used by Corrupt Justices of the Peace such as Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana to carry out political agendas and protect Montana Corruption.

Lee Enterprises will gladly post the lie, if it pays more then the Truth.  For decades Lee Enterprises has been using its "Power of Media" to corrupt stories, set up victims and gladly make the victim look like the criminal to appease the Wall of Corruption in the State of Montana.  They say an honest attorney does not dare work in Montana, as when they go up against corruption such as Park County Montana, Ravalli County Montana, Lincoln County Montana and other Montana Counties they are quickly shut down with threats of losing their license should they choose to uphold the law.

Let's look at the Story of Love Thomas Cooper
Lee Enterprises Interpretation of Reality on the Love Thomas Cooper Case

What is the Real Story?  Have a Tip?
Email Me
Love Thomas Cooper and the Corruption in Montana Links for Research

Montana Court Research Links
"(d)  Cameras and Personal Electronic Devices.  Except as set forth below,
no person may bring any camera, transmitting or recording device, or personal
electronic communication or computing device, including but not limited to
cellular phones, pagers, personal data assistants, laptops, notebook/netbook

of Montana. "

Montana Likes to Operate in Secrecy, Transparency is Illegal in Montana Courts. It is not a court of record, no transcripts and you are not allowed to record. Another words this Montana Judge will do what they want and obeying the law, upholding the constitution is NOT mandatory.

Montana Law is pretty sick in regard to victims, MT Law is different then federal law, in Montana you are NOT a victim, by law, unless a court determines there was a crime. And Montana is pay to play and the wall of corruption in Montana is pretty much unstoppable.

The above link also says this as a RULE, "accessing the internet is prohibited". Wow the Gastapo in Montana sure does fear transparency and accountability.

Folks you can file criminal charges against a judge, file lawsuits and when the MT Supreme Court ignores you and the Montana Attorney General ignores you, just keep on exposing them for that too.

Time for a Class Action Lawsuit against the State of Montana, the Montana Attorney General personally and professionally as the corruption in Montana is rampant and case after case, the MTAG ignores, as Steve Bullock fears the Corrupt Elite that run Montana which a few of those is WR Grace, Max Baucus, Donald Rumsfield and many other names that might surprise you actually run Montana just how they please.

Folks remember a Sheriff is the Law of the land and a Corrupt Judge answers to a Sheriff, learn more about the real role of your county Sheriff.  Check out Oath Keepers as well, this is where your Law Enforcement swears not to violate your constitutional rights while upholding the law.

Also learn about what a court of record is and how many courts in Montana are not a court of record. WHAT? These judges decided your fate based on their personal opinion, have no transparency or accountability, have judicial immunity and have NO RECORD ?

Source of Above Jack Shanstrom Bio Information

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