Monday, January 23, 2012

Is the Name of your home WiFi Network, that is visible to others, under the First Amendment Freedom of Speech?

"The New York Daily News reports:
A bigot named their WiFi signal “F— All Jews and N—-” — and now cops are investigating.
The hateful signal I.D. popped up on the iPhone of a 28-year-old mom inside a Teaneck, N.J. recreation center, where her 3-year-old daughter was attending dance class....
The Teaneck Police Department Juvenile Bureau and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crime Unit are investigating it as a “possible bias crime,” Wilson said.
It should go without saying that the WiFi guy is scum, but scum have First Amendment rights, too. He has the First Amendment right to put up a sign in his window saying “Fuck All Jews and Niggers” — or burn a flag on his front lawn, or display blasphemous images where others might see them — though such speech would be understandably offensive to neighbors and passersby.

Likewise, he has the right to attach such a name to his WiFi network, even though the name would be visible to neighboring WiFi users."

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