Thursday, January 12, 2012

Human Trafficking - Fighting Human Trafficking.

"[Editor's Note: January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Maybe you've heard about the estimated 27 million of people -- many women and girls from Asia and Africa -- being treated like property in forced labor or prostitution. Then again, modern-day slavery may seem like too big of a problem for you to attempt to solve, what with your own life and family.

Laura at Life Overseas has moved with her husband and children to Thailand to run a non-governmental organization that fights human trafficking. While most of us can't do what she's doing, Laura has some tips for small steps you can take to raise awareness. --Grace]

She asked this man how she could help fight human trafficking, despite the fact that she didn’t have the practical time or resources to really do much.

And he asked quickly back, “Can you email?”

He went on to explain that much of the work that needs to be done in fighting the social justice issues today takes place in the awareness arena. People don’t know, and so people can’t care or act. This man challenged my friend to be intentional about giving information about issues to the inboxes and facebook pages of the friends she already knew.

Sigh of relief. Because forwarding an email is something even a homeschooling mom with four kids can do.

And it’s something you can do, too."


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