Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wildomar Magazine -

"Zak Turango .. cut his teeth on this type of political opinion, parody and satire as a prime contributor for Elsinore Magazine, where Elsinore’s corrupt political machine begged to be made fun of. What we at EM discovered was the enormous punch that humor had and still has. Former Elsinore Mayor Pam Brinley finally quit running for re-election as a direct result of EM’s unrelenting satire.

Politicians can handle criticism (they usually ignore it). They cannot handle being mocked, however. Once someone laughs at well founded satire about a politician, the public no longer fears them or holds them so dear.

The current crop of Wildomar councilpersons need to be monitored as well, for the protection of residents. This does not apply to Sheryl Ade, who has no political baggage (Zak thinks she’s fond of him; however, the alleged fondness remains unconfirmed) and Sheryl is beholden to no group or special interest, save for the citizens of Wildomar."

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