Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Evils of Miller Nash Law Firm have no End. Miller Nash seems to be on the wrong side of the Moral Compass at the very Least.

"Appallingly, the Seattle office of the Portland based law firm Miller Nash has brought a lawsuit against Sea Shepherd on behalf of Japanese whalers.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has gained notoriety through the years by their efforts to block illegal whaling on the high seas, and many believe that their efforts contributed to Japan’s decision to halt whaling earlier in the year.

This season, in spite of the devastating blows by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, Japan has managed to scrape together $30 million dollars for their Antarctic whaling effort – and are dropping a chunk of change into the pockets of the Nash law firm to bring the suit against the Friday Harbor based Sea Shepherd."

"Sea Shepherd is not too concerned about the lawsuit:

“This seems like a frivolous lawsuit to me,” said Captain Watson. “We have the images of the Japanese whalers destroying one of our ships, ramming our ships, running over our crew, firing upon us, throwing concussion grenades, deploying acoustical weapons, hitting us with water cannons and bamboo spears and they are suing us because they are accusing us of violence towards them. We have not rammed them and we have not caused a single injury nor have we been charged with a crime or even reprimanded by anyone for our actions. We have cooperated with every inquiry. They have not. This is simply a case of using the courts to harass us. I don’t believe they have a case and I doubt a U.S. court would take this seriously. Unlike Japan, the courts in the United States don’t automatically do what the government demands that they do.”

“An American law firm defending Japanese outlaw whalers from American whale defenders seems to be very un-American,” they add. “It is most certainly inhumane and disgracefully insensitive to the agonizing, cruel death inflicted upon these highly sensitive, intelligent, and socially complex, sentient victims of their ruthless clients.” (ecorazzi)

Please call the Miller Nash firm and let them know how you feel about their support of Japanese illegal whaling practices.

Guy Towle 206-777-7479 (Seattle, Wa)

Donald Burns 503-205-2319 (Portland, Or)"

Full Miller Nash Sucks Article and Source of Miller Nash Law Firm Quote

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