Friday, December 30, 2011

Tom Dunlop and Bruce Sewell were Intel Chief Counsels when Analysts were PAID off to STOP Telling the Truth. Obstruction of Justice? ya Think?

More Turning up on the Corruption and Back Room, Dark Alley Deeds of Bruce Sewell.

Tom Dunlop and Bruce Sewell were Chief Counsels at Intel.

Tom Dunlop and Bruce Sewell involved in Suppressing the Truth, Manipulating Investigators, Covering up Technology Theft, and "offering" settlements to SHUT up Truth Tellers.

No Big Surprise as the Corrupt Bruce Sewell knew of the Trillion Dollar Technology Theft of the Iviewit Technology, and Bruce Sewell is Now the General Counsel for Apple Computers. Bruce Sewell is Corrupt, tons of Proof.. Guess Money can Buy pretty Much Anything Right Bruce Sewell ?

Was Bruce Sewell and Tom Dunlop involved in Constructed Fraud, Obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering in in FTC Docket 9288 ?

Got a Tip on the Dirty Deeds of Tom Dunlop and Bruce Sewell ?

Has Intel Corp. Stripped you of Your Title, Kept you From Getting Work and Forced you into Economic Hardship ? Has Intel Corp. Cronies Framed YOU ? Email me Your Tip...

I have not been able to find work since and their continuing to strip me financially. There are signs that I am still being framed over and over again.

What do you know aobut Corrupt or Dirty Deeds from Intel Cronies McManus Faulkner Law? Got a Tip on McManus Faulkner Law ?

Has McManus Faulkner Law BLOCKED you from
Decision Makers inside the Intel Corporation?

Has a Corrupt Court found you guilty of contacting Bruce Sewells Secretary, or emailing Intel and Set You up for ANY Reason.. ??

Has am Intel Security Operator threatened you, interfered with information... ??? What did Bruce Sewell Do to YOU before he went on to be the Corrupt General Counsel for APPLE?

Does the Intel Corp. Board know how bad things Really are ? I mean surely they know so why do they Do Nothing? Is the Intel Board afraid of Economic Terrorism, their Career Ruined, Set Ups, Jail Time, Death of them or a Family member...??? Got a Tip -

Why Won't Intel Corp. Except their fiduciary responsibilities in resolving the issues they know full well they are guilty of?

Do Rogue Security Operators at Intel Corp. Actual Attempt to Murder
in order to Silence the TRUTH... ??

Intel Manipulation Techniques are Well Known
and Far Reaching and Well ~ You Lose.

Attempted Murder of Truth Telling Analysts??? Gee Intel Would NOT Do that .. Now Would THEY.. a Mean Trillions of Dollars.. Some GUY.. ah .. well. .. hmm.. Intel Collateral Damage...

So Bruce Sewell Time to Come Clean on ALL the Dirty Deeds you Were Involved in as the Intel General Counsel ...

Just a Curiousity Really... but What Say you Steve Dowlingbigtime APPLE PR guy?

What kind of Spin would Super Duper Steve Dowling put on this Story should ANY real media exist that would dare to cover the TRUTH on Intel Nation ???

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