Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shellee Hale - Too Much Media vs Hale. Too Much Media sure does not look up and up to me. Time to Investigate "Too Much Media" .. Shellee Hale, Too Much Media, John Albright, Charles Berrebbi

Shellee Hale - “The New Jersey Supreme Court decision is a final decision,”

“States are... essentially free to provide whatever protective guidelines they wish to reporters.”

Much More Coming soon on the Shellee Hale, Too Much Media, John Albright, Charles Berrebbi case and tons of indepth investigation on the real story behind Too Much Media, John Albright, and Charles Berrebbi.  We Need investigative reporting from passionate people NOT paid to tell us that story, it is the only REAL News We Have...

Links on the Shellee Hale Case

"After defendant Hale was exposed through her computer to “cyber flashers” using web cameras, she looked into how technology was used to abuse women and decided to investigate the online adult entertainment industry. Hale claims that she spoke with government officials, attended industry trade shows, interviewed people, and collected information from porn web blogs. In 2007, Hale created a website called Pornafia, which was intended to be an online news magazine and bulletin board for the public to exchange information about criminal activity within the adult entertainment industry. Pornafia was never fully launched, however. Instead, Hale posted comments on other sites’ message boards. One of the message boards, Oprano, provided an online platform for people to post unfiltered comments relating to the industry. Most of the content of Oprano was open to anyone with Internet access.

Plaintiff TMM manufactures software known as NATS, which adult entertainment websites use to keep track of access to affiliated websites and determine what commissions are due the referring sites. In late 2007, Hale’s investigation focused on reports of a security breach of the NATS database, which potentially exposed personal information of customers who believed they had signed up anonymously for pornographic websites. Hale claims she conducted a detailed probe of the breach, including talking with sources on a confidential basis. She posted multiple entries on Oprano’s message board suggesting that TMM had violated New Jersey law, had profited from the breach, and its principals had threatened people who questioned their conduct, including one of her confidential sources. "

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