Sunday, January 1, 2012

Obsidian V. Cox - I was Denied the Right To Show Jury my Source Documents that I Provided Judge Marco Hernandez.

In Obsidian V. Cox I Provided Documentation proving where I got the information in the Blog Post I was on Trial for and What Laws Applied to Me. Judge Hernandez Denied these Documents.

Here is the Documentation that Judge Marco Hernandez Denied in his court as proof of why I posted that Blog Post, my Source, and how I used Judicial Proceedings, Depositions, Videos and More as my Source of this post.. also what Laws I believe Applied to me and I was Denied..

Take a Look

This is the Trial Memorandum Explaining What the Exhibits Are

Obsidian V. Cox - Explanation of My Exhibits - Trial Memorandum I was Denied Use Of

These are the Exhibits I Gave to the Court and Jury and Was Denied Use of by Judge Marco Hernendez Portland Oregon Federal Court.

Obsidian V. Cox - Trial Documents Blogger Crystal Cox Was Denied into Court

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger / Investigative Journalist
Whistleblower Media

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