Thursday, December 8, 2011

Judge Marco Hernandez Says that Oregon Retraction Statutes Do Not Apply To Blogs

"Oregon Revised Statutes §§ (O.R.S.) 31-200 - 31.225 preclude a plaintiff from obtaining
general damages on account of a defamatory statement being published in certain forms unless a
correction or retraction is demanded, but not published as provided in O.R.S. 31.215.

contends that because plaintiffs did not seek a correction or retraction, they may not obtained general damages.

These statutes apply, however, only to actions for damages on account of a defamatory
statement published or broadcast in a newspaper, magazine, other printed periodical, or by radio,
television, or motion picture. O.R.S. 31.205, 31. 210.

The Oregon Legislature has not expanded 
the list of publications or broadcasts to include Internet blogs."

"Because the statements at issue in this case were posted on an Internet blog, they do not fall under Oregon's retraction statutes."

Source, the Opinion, Decision of Judge Marco Hernandez that Oregon Retraction Statutes do not apply to me because I am a Blogger and the information was on a blog.

So what this means to ALL you Bloggers is that whatever you post, no one has to ask you to change facts, ask you to retract the post and though law states that this has to be and there has to be 2 weeks given and though I did not post that Blog post from Servers in Oregon, nor do I reside in Oregon.  This Means You too are liable to the tune of 2.5 Million Dollars for a blog post that you believed to be true and was NEVER asked to retract nor given any way to remedy the situation..

This Should ALARM YOU ALL. 

More on this Case and Original Posting

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