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Intel Shareholder Fraud over iViewit Technologies Still Undisclosed by Intel CEO Paul Otellini

"iViewit Technologis SEC COMPLAINT against INTEL CORPORATION

White Collar Crime Division and Any and All Compliance Division Heads and Related

I, Eliot Bernstein, of .....
Street, Boca Raton, Florida 33434 as the
Original Owner and Inventor of key "backbone technologies" for video and imaging as
further described herein, am filing this Formal Complaint against Intel Corporation ( Intel ) with United States headquarters located at 2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, Ca,
95054-1459, and bring to your attention ongoing investigations involving multiple
federal offices around the country as well as International investigations pertinent in this

Intel is a primary wrongdoer as a named defendant in a presently Pending Trillion
Dollar international RICO Conspiracy Lawsuit involving the theft and fraud of my Intellectual Property rights as further set out herein.

In addition to liabilities claimed in this lawsuit, are separate direct primary liabilities and obligations from signed agreements including Non Disclosure’s, Strategic Partner Agreements and Licensing Agreements.

Further, on information and belief Intel corporate management including at least the
President, Paul S. Otellini and corporate counsel Bruce D. Sewell, and Stephen R.
Rodgers are also involved in an ongoing and undisclosed massive international Fraud
against the Intel shareholders and investors.

Upon information and belief, the frauds include but are not limited to the failure
to disclose both the lawsuit and the Intellectual Property Infringements in direct violation
of various SEC laws and rules including but not limited to FASB No. 5 requirements for
disclosing liabilities and more.

Merely one claim in this lawsuit involves the attempted Murder upon my family by an Iraqi style car bombing that blew up three vehicles in addition to mine during the early phases of the high stakes corporate theft and fraud of my Intellectual Property Rights.

Notably, federal Judge Shira Scheindlin referred to this as a case involving Murder that has also been marked as legally “related” by Scheindlin to an ongoing Federal Whistleblower Case

In summary, dating back to 1998-1999 at the time the inventions were discovered,
I had Signed Non Disclosure Agreements, Strategic Alliance Agreements and Licensing
Arrangements, including Agreements that were at the time in legal review for R3D
relating to the USE of my Proprietary Rights in inventions which were hailed as the "Holy
Grail" of the internet.

The technologies were deemed the “Holy Grail” by multiple experts under signed NDA’s as it permitted full screen full frame rate video previously thought impossible and zoom and pan imaging technologies which removed pixel distortion.

The stolen technologies are now commonly found on virtually all digital imaging and video hardware and software.

These Signed Agreements were amongst hundreds of signed agreements with many Fortune 1000 Companies.

After signing Agreements with Real 3D, Inc. ( R3D ), a company whose ownership was composed of Lockheed Martin ( 70% ), Intel ( 20% ) and Silicon Graphics Inc. ( 10% ), Intel later took over complete ownership of R3D of Orlando Florida.

In the subsequent months thereafter, a series of critical events occurred including
but not limited to the discovery of fraudulent patent applications and the discovery of
fraudulent corporations, the corporate frauds were discovered by Arthur Andersen during
an audit for the largest investor in the companies Crossbow Ventures of W. Palm Beach

Nearly two-thirds of the Crossbow funds were secured through SBIC Loans from
the Small Business Administration making the SBA the largest investor in the
technologies and companies.

On information and belief, the SBA Inspector General’s office is conducting an ongoing investigation into these and other matters please refer to the SBA Inspector General’s office to obtain relevant information.

As you will see by the letter and petition to the 44
the US President, Barack Hussein Obama II, found @
and also sent to US Attorney General Eric Holder, I was then directed by Harry I. Moatz,
Director of the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Office of Enrollment and
Discipline to file charges with the Commissioner of Patents claiming Fraud Upon the
USPTO, my companies and myself.

This led to the Suspension of certain Intellectual Properties while investigations remain ongoing; please refer to Moatz and the Commissioner of Patents office to obtain relevant information.

In addition, Moatz directed me to seek Congressional Legislation to obtain an Act of Congress to correct the falsified Oaths on my Intellectual Properties submitted by my former legal counsel at the law firms of Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Schlissel, Foley & Lardner and Proskauer Rose.
An Act of Congress is necessary to make the changes in inventors, owners and assignees
that are fraudulent, for which we have sought aid from The Honorable Senator Dianne
Feinstein who remains working through her offices regarding such.

These backbone technologies which were stolen in 1998-1999 have since been
used throughout the United States and across the globe throughout the entire value chain
of content creation and distribution of video and images for both software and hardware
in the transmission of Digital Video and Imaging across ALL Spectrums, including, the
Internet, Television, DVD, HD DVD, Micro Processing Chips, as well as, a mass of
applications for Defense, Flight & Space Simulation, including on the Hubble Space
Telescope (providing a deeper view into time) and on virtually all Medical Imaging
Devices, and more.

In fact, members of R3D and Intel were some of the earliest champions of the value of the technologies claiming they were “Priceless” and were valued in the hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars over the life of the Intellectual Properties, having transformed the world of Digital Imaging and Video that now are considered part of daily life.

Intel was one of the earliest players in this scheme and has continued to not only
defraud myself and the other rightful owners of the technologies, including Ellen
DeGeneres and Alanis Morissette, but has simultaneously defrauded the Intel's
shareholders and investors for years by failing to report and disclose the liabilities with
full knowledge of their Binding Obligations regarding the technologies.

These frauds and failures by the Intel management team have continued despite multiple communications over several years that have gone directly to the President of Intel, Mr. Paul S. Otellini and their Corporate Counsel Mr. Bruce D. Sewell and Steven R. Rodgers and continue despite the knowledge of the signed Agreements.

At this time, however, as noted in my Feb. 2009 letter to the Office of the US
President Barack Hussein Obama II and the US Attorney General Eric Holder, I wish to
bring to your direct attention the identities of several federal offices already involved in
this ongoing national and international Intellectual Properties theft and fraud.

Investigations that will aid and facilitate the SEC with background information for the
proper performance of complete investigations by the SEC allowing for information
sharing with these agencies, some of the key offices are as follows:

1. Glenn A. Fine, Office of Inspector General of the US Department of Justice
2. Harry Moatz, Director, OED of the USPTO
3. H. Marshall Jarrett, Office of Professional Responsibility of the FBI
4. A complete list of Federal, State & International Actions can be found @

Source of Post and Full Document on Intel Corp. Stealing
the iViewit Digital Video and Imaging Patent Pending Technologies.

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