Friday, December 30, 2011

INTC: Does Chairman of The Board, Jane E. Shaw, Intel Corp Care about Massive Intel Corporation Shareholder Fraud?

Here is What Chairman of The Board, Jane E. Shaw, Intel Corp has to Say,

"After 17 years on the Intel Board of Directors, it
has been an honor and a privilege to assume the
role of Intel Chairman. As an independent chairman,
I look forward to supporting Paul Otellini and the
other members of Intel’s executive team, and
ensuring that the Board continues to be a role
model for excellence in corporate governance.

Intel remains strongly committed to operating with the highest level
of integrity;
open and direct communication is a hallmark of the Intel
culture, including listening to and responding to stakeholders’ concerns.

In 2009, for example, in response to a stockholder proposal, the Board
adopted a “say on pay” advisory vote on executive compensation,
increasing stockholders’ opportunity to provide feedback on Intel’s
compensation practices.

In an effort to further increase transparency, Intel has added several
“virtual” components to the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting.
Stockholders who cannot attend the annual meeting in person have had
the opportunity to attend via the Internet for many years.

Intel has expanded this functionality to allow stockholders to submit questions
online prior to the meeting, and ask questions and cast votes online
during the meeting. We believe that enabling stockholders from around
the world to attend the annual meeting virtually allows for their
increased participation and access to management.

In 2009, Intel extended its unwavering commitment to corporate

Intel joined the United Nations Global Compact, and published a set of Human Rights Principles that express the company’s dedication to human rights and responsible labor practices—not only at Intel, but throughout its supply chain.

The company continued its focus on improving the quality of education around the world, reaching the milestone of providing technology training to 7 million teachers through
the Intel® Teach Program.

Building on Intel’s strong culture of volunteerism, the company formed the Intel Education Service Corps, which trains groups of employee volunteers and sends them to developing countries to facilitate installation of Intel-powered classmate PCs in schools, orphanages, and other locations.

They also provide technology training for local students, teachers, and parents. Their work has the potential to change the lives of thousands of people.

Since I assumed the role of Intel Chairman in May 2009, I have
enjoyed the opportunity to interact more closely with Intel employees
at all levels. Several of them have remarked how inspired they are by
my role as one of the few female independent chairmen of an S&P 500

I, in turn, am inspired by the energy, enthusiasm, and talent
displayed by the women and men who work at Intel. There isn’t a
problem they won’t tackle, and I witness examples of their fl awless
planning and execution day after day. I look forward to the future they
are creating for all of us. "

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