Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gregg Mashberg Proskauer Rose Law Firm involved in 13 Trillion Dollar Shareholder Fraud.

Gregg Mashberg Proskauer Rose Law Firm is covering up Massive Shareholder Fraud in the iViewit Technology Theft involving Proskauer Rose Patent Attorneys.


United States District Judge
Re: Bernstein V. Appellate Division, First Department

"Dear Judge Scheindlin:

We represent defendants Proskaur Rose LLP, Kenneth Rubenstein, Steven C. Krane, and the Estate of Stephen R. Kaye. We write to request a pre-motion conference in order to bring a motion to (i) stay service of Plaintiff's amended complaint, due to be filed by May 10, 2008, on all of the new defendants to be named therein...., pending your Honor's disposition of the motions to dismiss the amended comlaint... to be filed ... by the defendants named in the original complaint...

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Gregg M. Mashberg
YOU either Stand with the Criminal or you Stand with the Victim, you Really Cannot have it Both Ways.

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