Thursday, November 17, 2011

"University of Montana to lose public funds"

Alum caught the mistake.
Missoula, MT (AP)*-- The University of Montana was on a track to lose all public funding until a savy
The University of Montana
David Aronofsky UM Legal Services                                      

David Aronofsky, Chief Legal Counsel for the university mistook an invalid subpoena as valid, due to being staff at the University of Montana Law School, ranked 172/200 law schools in the country.  As the subpoena did not have a release of information, a signed order from a court, Aronofsky felt this invalid document should be granted by The University of Montana.

So the legal services that David Aronofsky performed was to make a decision to the University of Montana Registrar that disclosing confidential education material of an alumni was just fine.  The Problem is Mr. Aronofsky did not know that the Federal Education Rights and Privacy act of 1974 would require the University of Montana to lose all public funds.  The issue is Mr. Aronofsky either being too ignorant and dangerous for the UM legal services.  When your counsel tells you to proceed, and it might jepardize the entire University's future in Montana, its time to axe David Aronofsky.

If you are not so convinced, the Northwest Tribune has found that David Aronofsky threatened an Alum with the UM police for merely wanting to speak to the University President Royce Engstrom.  For more on this incident, and verbally abusive and unprofessional activity on the part of David Aronofsky, Chief Legal Counsel of the University of Montana go to the Ethics complaint:

Royce Engstrom needs better staff at the University of Montana.  If his legal counsel will jepardize the school's public funding, and his registrar is too stupid to identify an improper request for confidential information, it only reflects the leadership at the University of Montana.  The funniest part is Missoula attempting to claim it is "the Harvard of the west".  The only problem with that statement, is that as a tier III state school, it could not make a dent in a community college in Massachusetts, not to mention Harvard's tier I status near the top of all universities in the United States.

To quantify this statement, a tier II school's PARALEGAL deemed the same fradulent request for confidential information as invalid.  Isnt that interesting that a non-licensed professional at a better school than The University of Montana has more knowledge than the University of Montana's chief legal counsel David Aronofsky, and University Registrar Johnson.

So when the Harvard of the West gets an invalid request for information, it makes the decision that it really does not want public funds anymore.  Public funds would also mean the National Institutes of Health, of the Department of Health and Human Services to the sum of $9.9M.  The amount from the Montana Legislature, and the US Department of Education was not determined, but the staff at the Northwest Tribune feel that the University of Montana would not be able to rely on alumni endowment, or private donations to function.

Source of University of Montana Post

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