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Crystal L. Cox in Beneath the Beauty Documentary on Montana Corruption. Crystal Cox on Montana Corruption and Montana Protective Orders.

In the State of Montana Protective Orders are NOT Mutual and in Fact seem to have no real consistency as to why or who they are given to, in which is base in Law. In the State of Montana Protective Orders are used as Personal and Political Agendas to Protect Corruption, Corrupt Judges, Corrupt Law Enforcement and to Silence, Intimidate Truth Tellers, Media, and Whistleblowers.

Here are a Few Links on My Montana Protective Order.

Approx. 2 weeks after this video, there was a Complaint Filed with the Eureka Montana Police that Proved, without a doubt where my Death Threat came from and to this day ALL on my Blog at have denied me protection, have done no subpoena's of IP address or identity for any of the craigslist, facebook, yahoo, blogger hate and defamation against me.  My attorney, I believe was paid off as that Law Firm I had hired seems to work for the county a lot, next time I file I will be pro se and I will get the proper subpoenas for myself.

Also After this Video I was served a protective order AGAINST me from Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana, apparently the Laws that the District Judge Haynes quoted were not accurate as Judge Robin Clute refused to even look at that information and Judge Robin Clute DENIED the admittance of the police report from Eureka Montana that proved who had access to the email account that threatened to kill me.

Keep in mind the Eureka Cop that served me was the same cop that took the Complaint that proved who had access to the email account that threatened me, and I believe this cop to be the author of the "Jimmy Boston Emails" I Received with similar verbage.

Here is an Voice Recording from the Eureka Police Officer Grey, confirming Officer McKinney took the Complaint. This was recorded toward the end of August of 2009

When Officer Maury McKinney Served me a Protective Order AGAINST me though I was Denied One, I recorded him at my Door. I asked him of the Complaint that Proved where my Death Threat Came From - This was Recorded in the Begining of September 2009 at my home.

In MONTANA protective orders are Cruelly Not Mutual therefore the man I accused of threatening to kill me, and rights Ignored by all Montana Law Enforcement, the University of Montana Police, the Missoula Police, Hamilton Montana Police, Lincoln and Ravalli County Montana and More ... he legally got to intimidate, email, threaten and harass me for the whole year I had an Illegal Protective Order.  During this time he read every story I wrote on while on PAID time at the University of Montana, in which I brought to the Attention of the University of Montana over and over and its been over 2 years now and counting.

During that year he committed on my YouTube Videos, Blogs and sent me threatening emails.  He could legally walk right up to me and I had no rights. I did not blog any of it for that whole year and still he hatefully, cruelly, kept coming for me.  No Montana Law Enforcement offered ANY HELP.

He also gathered others on Craigslist and Facebook Hate Sites against me to gang up and threaten me, a Hate Crime and still ignored. He would email all I wrote on that he could to get them to hate me based on misleading and hateful information. Still ALL authorities ignored me.

And currently he is watching my "Obsidian V. Cox" case and is talking to the Attorney and the Plaintiff, from what I know, and is threatening me, intimidating me and is coming to my Trial just to piss me off.  Thing is Sean Boushie has no evidence to bring to a 10 Million Dollar defamation Trial based on the facts of a High Profile Bankruptcy case of which is not part of, not a professional in the industry and has no credible evidence.  The Plaintiff and the Plaintiff's attorney simply seem to be using this man to intimidate me, however him coming to this trial has NOTHING to do with the facts of this case.  Which is based on the financial details or one blog post in which I am not the Source, and all involved know it.

Still ALL Law Enforcement Ignores this Man's constant Stalking, Harassment, Threats and Intimidation.  His blog even threatens judges and still NOTHING is done, ALL to protect Top Down Corruption in the State of Montana.

Here are some Background Links to research the DENIED Montana Protective Order in order to intimidate and Silence a Blogger Exposing Corrupt Cops, Judges and County Attorney's in the State of Montana.

Here are the Reasons that Montana District Judge, Hamilton Montana District Judge, Judge Haynes Quoted at to Deny me a Protective Order just Weeks before a Montana Justice of the Peace, Judge Robin Clute of Hamilton Montana gave HIM a Protective Order Against me and NOT Mutual.
the Judge Haynes in his Writing, the Montana Laws as to Why He Denied my Protective Order.
There Seems to Be no Standard of Practice as to How Protective Orders are Given in the State of Montana
((Note that the Above Complaint is Not Notarized and Still was Granted

Judge Robin Clute Hamilton Montana gives HIM a Protective Order based on Lies, and based on verbage about other people.  This hearing was a set up to attempt to silence my blogs.  I have a recording of the proceeding, it's hard to hear clearly, and I am denied a record of it.  Judge Robin Clute seemed "Scripted" and she did not look at any of my Evidence, after letting him talk 45 minutes, she let me talk 5 minutes, berated me, yelled at me, accused me and then made me give my Social Security Number out loud to a man I had proof was stalking me, defaming me and harassing me.

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