Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tally Display Story

"Dear Crystal,
If you could provide me some guidance where to report the corruption, I would be greatly appreciative.
I have 3 mortgages totaling $1,050,000 that I have been trying to foreclose on.   In a nutshell, the defendant moved for summary judgment to dismiss the mortgages on the ground that I, Steve Rose, did not pay the $1,050,000, but my company, Tally Display, which I am and always have been the sole owner, sole shareholder, sole officer, I signed the checks for the $1M, it is registered to my house, I am responsible for the taxes, etc., at first was denied.  

A year later, the defendant submitted the same motion for renewal and reargument stating they have new evidence, my deposition. 

In the deposition, I stated the exact same facts, this time Nicolai granted the motion stating Steve Rose and his company are not the same and are different. The company paid the $1M and dismissed the mortgages, and gave a $1M windfall to the defendant. 

What adds to this is the judge presiding over the case is Judge Lefkowitz , not Nicolai.  Lefkowitz previously ruled in the same case, different matter, since I used a company credit card for payments for a web site, we were the same, me and the company.
The decision is being appealed.
Any help, guidance, thoughts on how to report this is greatly appreciated.
Regards, "

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