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Proskauer Rose Seems to have Been involved in Overbilling, Controlling Judges, USPTO Fraud and Cover Up, Technology Theft, Fraud, Collusion and More it SEEMS.

"Kenneth Rubenstein, Corrupt Proskauer Rose Patent Attorney for MPEG LA - Involves Attorney Raymond Anthony Joao.

Kenneth Rubenstein 's lackey, attorney Raymond Anthony Joao, who was a patent attorney working DIRECTLY under Proskauer Rose Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein 's direction.

Raymond Joao now claims 90 patents in his own name and Iviewit gives him kudos as the greatest slime ball inventor and patent attorney.

No really, Iviewit considers our former counselors Raymond Joao and Kenneth Rubenstein to be nothing more than co-inventors of a system and method to defraud shareholders and inventors of their inventions and commit fraud upon worldwide patent intellectual property organizations, an invention that should carry some stiff federal sentences.

Click here for a press article on the amazing inventiveness of Joao

Raymond Joao was so non-inventive that many of these patents resemble ideas and concepts lifted straight from the Iviewit business plan and invention disclosures and ideas that he was supposed to be patenting for the inventors and shareholders.

More on Raymond Joao Click Here

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MPEG-LA hit by antitrust suit over video codecs. Kenneth Rubenstein Corrupt Patent Attorney Proskauer Rose DOES it Again...

MPEG LA has been in the Illegal - Unethical
Patent Pooling Business for Years.

Proskauer Rose Law Firm has made a Living and Lifetime Business of Billion Dollar Corruption Schemes and screwing over investors. And Well Proskauer Rose's Patent Department has a Billion Dollar Patent Pooling Scheme going on with the help of Corrupt Proskauer Rose Patent Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein and the Illegal, Secret Patent Pool technology Stealing Schemes of MPEG LA.

Corrupt Law Firm ... Proskauer Rose Corrupt Law Firm...
MPEG-LA hit by antitrust suit over video codecs - MPEG LA is Corrupt, it is my understand that MPEG LA Stole a Trillion Dollar Patent with the Aid of Corrupt Law Firms, Tech Companies, Patent Attorneys and Executives

MPEG-LA hit by antitrust suit over video codecs

German software maker Nero has filed an antitrust complaint against 
MPEG-LA, the company that oversees licensing for the H.264 video codec favoured by Microsoft and Apple.

MPEG-LA (MPEG Licensing Authority) controls the licenses for the pools of patents needed to use the MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and AVC/H.264 video standards.

As such, it collects royalties from the sale or distribution of almost every PC, DVD, DVD player, digital TV set, TV set-top box, still camera, video camera, iPhone and BlackBerry in the world.

Nero, best known for its CD burning software, alleges that MPEG-LA abuses its monopoly power in these technology markets.

The company filed its antitrust complaint in California district court in Los Angeles on 14 May, seeking unspecified monetary damages and an injunction to halt the alleged anti-competitive actions.
"Absolute power has corrupted MPEG-LA absolutely,"

Nero maintained in its complaint.

"Once MPEG-LA obtained monopoly power in the relevant technology markets, it used that power to wilfully maintain or extend its monopolies for years beyond their natural expiration... and administer its licences in an unfair, unreasonable, and discriminatory manner that stifles competition and innovation, and harms consumers."

MPEG-LA charges licensees different amounts for the same MPEG-2 patent, collects administration fees and royalties multiple times for the same device, and does not communicate its policies adequately to certain licensees, according to Nero.

"By remaining silent on vital aspects of its licensing programs, MPEG-LA has created a system that favours some licensees, such as insiders (ielicensors), and disfavours others, such as outsiders (ie, non-licensor licensees)," Nero's complaint read.

"As a result, outsiders such as Nero have great difficulty planning technology changes and embarking on programmes to research, develop and implement technological innovations — and are charged supracompetitive royalties on distributions as to which they never agreed to pay royalties — while other licensees, such as insiders, do not face such problems."

According to Nero's complaint, MPEG-LA only obtained monopoly power in the relevant audio and video codec markets after getting assurances in 1997 that the Department of Justice (DoJ) would not launch antitrust proceedings against it.
These assurances were conditional on patent pools not being used to stifle competition, Nero stated. It added that MPEG-LA suggested to the DoJ at the time that the pool for MPEG-2 contained no more than 53 essential patents.

MPEG-LA subsequently added around 800 patents it deemed to be essential to the MPEG-2 pool, so as to extend the duration of the codec's licence, Nero said.

The company did the same thing with the MPEG-4 pool, which now includes more than 1,000 patents, and the AVC/H.264 pool, now with over 1,300 patents, according to the filing.

AVC/H.264 is the video codec of choice for Microsoft, which will support it natively in Internet Explorer 9, and for Apple, which is backing it as a superior alternative to Flash.

While Google also supports H.264 in Chrome, it recently open-sourced its own alternative, VP8, in a bid to provide a free alternative to the proprietary and paid-for H.264.

As part of its complaint, Nero said that MPEG-LA used its own patent counsel, Kenneth Rubenstein, as "a so-called 'independent' expert" to evaluate the essentiality of patents. 

MPEG-LA had not responded at the time of writing to a request on Tuesday for comment on Nero's allegations. The next stage in the case will be for MPEG-LA to answer Nero's complaint. ""

Lets See How German Tech Companies Handle the Corrupt,

UnEthical and Illegal Behavior of MPEG LA....

Ok so a Decade after Kenneth Rubenstein, Corrupt MPEG LA - Proskauer Rose Law Firm Patent Attorney, helped MPEG LA to steal the Holy Grail of Video / Technology inventions in which we all use every day and have for years upon years, well now this same Corrupt Patent Attorney is involved in more patent theft and illegal patent pool... why is Proskauer Rose standing with Kenneth Rubenstein?

I mean Christopher Wheeler was involved in this stolen patent and he was pushed out.. 
Kenneth Rubenstein was not even at Proskauer Rose when he first started his patent theft FOR MPEG LA to illegally pool the iviewit technologies in patent pools to hide their existence.. then Corrupt Law Firm Proskauer Rose hired Kenneth Rubenstein after he already lied to the Iviewit Company and said that he was with Proskauer Rose.. so Corrupt Law Firm - Proskauer Rose must be getting billions from MPEG LA dirty dealings or they would not have harbored a CRIMINAL for so long.. also see.. Proskauer ROSE was the reason for the Fall of Enron with this patent .. this technology theft.. and no accountable?

Well that day has come... Unless of Course Corrupt Proskauer Rose also owns judges, ethics committees, supreme courts, and patent officials in Germany as Well as the US?

I will discuss a WHOLE lot more about MPEG LA, Kenneth Rubenstein and Proskauer ROSE and the Horrible Injustice, Flat Out Fraud, Shareholder Deception, and more that surrounds MPEG LA - Proskauer Rose and Kenneth Rubenstein Corrupt Patent Attorney STEALING a Trillion Dollar Technology and Illegally Pooling this Technology in MPEG patent Pools.. all orchestrated by ONE very Corrupt Patent attorney Kenneth Rubenstein..

PS don't forget.. MPEG and APPLE are seeming quite cozy and 
Bruce Sewell knew about Iviewit .. while at Intel and when informed went to APPLE.. more on that later..

Collecting Royalties from Stolen Technologies and Illegal Patent Pooling,
What an Incredible Racket... Billions hand over Fist on Someone Else's Invention .. and many of these inventors are harassed, bankrupted, their cars bombed and well just plain ol' SHUT Up..
Here are some Sites for more information in the iViewit Stolen Technology and the Illegal Patent Pooling Tricks and Schemes at MPEG LA with the Help of Proskauer Rose and Kenneth Rubenstein that has created Massive Shareholder Fraud that is now a High Profile SEC Complaint and a Federal RICO Lawsuit .. still undisclosed to unsuspecting shareholders of IBM, Intel Corp, AOL, Time Warner Inc. , Lockheed Martin, Warner Bros. , SGI, and More involved in the Blatant Theft of a Trillion Dollar Technology that We all used Every Day...

Proskauer Rose bio Clip on Kenneth Rubenstein"

Kenneth Rubenstein is co-head of the Patent Law Group and a Partner in the New York office. He also is a registered patent attorney before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and a former member of the legal staff at Bell Laboratories. While there are numerous patent law groups at various firms, Ken and his group distinguish themselves from competitors by being able to deal with very sophisticated technology. "

more on the MPEG LA stealing and pooling patents
.. at www.iViewit.tv/
and at www.DeniedPatent.com

Proskauer Rose LLP - Billing Discrepancies - Missing Pages and ... More on Proskauer Rose involved in iViewit Technology Theft.

Proskauer Rose Billing Entries

Proskauer Rose Missing Paid Bills

Iviewit Holdings Missing Page

Iviewit General Corporate Advice

Iviewit General Corporate Advice P16

Iviewit General Corporate Advice - Missing Page

Numbers Done in Different Text Document

Missing Page Number in Different Font

General Corporate Advice P17

Missing Page

Proskauer Rose Lawyers WERE involved in the iViewit Scandal

Proskauer Rose LLP, Robert J. Kafin - Securities Fraud - USPTO Fraud - Shareholder Fraud - Anti-Trust Violations

Patent &; Copyright Misappropriations

•Co-Directs Frauds: USPTO; EPO; JPO;
Wachovia Securities Fraud;
Iviewit Shareholder Fraud;

•Contributory Antitrust Violations

•Co-Directs RICO Violations

•Tortuous Interference with Business Relationships

•Conflicts of Interest

For More Affiliations, Conflicts of Interest Click on Link Below.

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Proskauer Rose LLP, Robert J. Kafin

Enter the Law Firm Proskauer Rose - Christopher Clarke Wheeler of Proskauer Rose "Protecting Intellectual Property" - What a Joke.

"First on the scene of these Historical Inventions in Boca Raton, Florida, Christopher Clarke Wheeler of Proskauer, Proskauer Rose was then retained for protecting the Intellectual Properties, including protecting them worldwide via Patents, Trademarks, Trade-Secrets and Copyrights. For example, Wheeler misrepresented to the Iviewit companies that attorney Kenneth Rubenstein was a Partner at Proskauer when introducing him.

Yet, to the contrary, investors found Kenneth Rubenstein was instead at the law firm of Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein, Wolfe & Schlissel ( Meltzer ) on Long Island at the time, Kenneth Rubenstein , now one of the many named Defendants in my Twelve Trillion dollar RICO and Anti-Trust suit “legally related” to Anderson. Why would Proskauer misrepresent that Rubenstein was a partner who would protect the properties when in fact he was with another firm?

The answer revolves around the fact that Proskauer at the time of learning of the inventions had NO Patent or Intellectual Property Department and was mainly a real estate law firm. If they were planning from the start to steal the “Holy Grail” technologies, they would need a patent department to monetize the royalties for themselves.

Turns out that Kenneth Rubenstein, an attorney admitted and regulated by the NYS First Dept, while at Meltzer, simultaneously was involved with the MPEGLA Patent Pool that he was in house counsel for and one of the founders of the MPEGLA pooling scheme.

Proskauer then set about to find for their benefit, not their clients benefit, Rubenstein, to apply the technologies to the MPEGLA patent pools and more for themselves. After finding Rubenstein, Proskauer introduced him as Proskauer’s Partner for the Oversight and Protection of the Inventions and the main IP Litigator who would get the IP protected and then placed in the MPEGLA pools for royalties to the Iviewit investors.

Misrepresented Proskauer partner Raymond Joao was retained to complete the Intellectual Property filing work in the US and every country around the world for IP protections.

Kenneth Rubenstein and Raymond Joao thought initially to be Proskauer Rose partners in New York working to protect the Iviewit Inventions took invention disclosures from the inventors, opined on the technologies under Proskauer’s retainer for services at the time, while they were actually working on the MPEGLA Patent Pools at Meltzer and were not with Proskauer Rose at all.

Once investors discovered Proskauer’s misrepresentation of Kenneth Rubenstein and Raymond Joao as Proskauer partners, when instead with the law firm Meltzer, Kenneth Rubenstein quickly switched firms to Proskauer Rose LLP.

Christopher Wheeler claiming that Proskauer ROse was in the process of acquiring Kenneth Rubenstein and virtually overnight Kenneth Rubenstein jumped ship with almost the entire Meltzer IP group to Proskauer Rose.

Details of Kenneth Rubenstein’s transfer were not clear to Rubenstein or Wheeler in their depositions related to these matters; in fact, Rubenstein was even unclear as to the terms of his partnership deal.

The net result of these fraudulent misrepresentations was that it now gave Proskauer, Iviewit Patent Counsel, control of the MPEGLA patent pooling schemes, putting Proskauer in direct competition with Iviewit via control of MPEGLA.

MPEGLA now the largest infringer of the Iviewit technologies through this massive Conflict of Interest created by Violations of Virtually All Attorney Conduct Codes and Law by the Attorneys.

A Conflict of Interest almost surreal in nature since attorneys are typically retained as “trusted” advisors considering there are supposed to be very strict federal Patent Bar and State Bar Association rules that presumably prevent lawyers and law firms from these type of conflicts with their trusting clients.

Raymond Joao on the other hand, also misrepresented as Kenneth Rubenstein’s Proskauer Partner and filing lackey was also instead working with Rubenstein at the Meltzer firm but he did not transfer from Meltzer to Proskauer Rose with Kenneth Rubenstein and the rest of the Meltzer team. Raymond Joao was to transfer to Proskauer Rose after cleaning up loose ends at Meltzer according to Wheeler.

Yet, Raymond Joao never made it that far, as within the first year of his work on the IP, it became learned that Joao might have been patenting inventions in his own name, inventions learned under disclosure and retainer with Iviewit and the Inventors.

Proskauer Rose and Christopher Wheeler confronted with the initial rumors that Raymond Joao, their operate, was filing patents wrongly on behalf of the Inventors and perhaps the right ones for himself instead. Wheeler of Proskauer volunteered to investigate Joao and was then further retained and billed for investigating the initial allegations that Joao was missing filings for Iviewit while busy patenting them in his name.

Raymond Joao the attorney Proskauer Rose referred and retained for Iviewit whom they had misrepresented to Investors and Board Members initially as a Proskauer partner, never made the conversion to Proskauer, terminated by Proskauer from Iviewit and then Raymond Joao left Meltzer and took a new position with now recently Convicted Felon Marc S. Dreier ( Dreier ). Marc Dreier convicted in a Ponzi scheme second only to that of Bernard Madoff ( Madoff ) and Sir Robert Allen Stanford ( Stanford ).

While advising the Iviewit companies on the Intellectual Properties, which posed a competitive threat to MPEGLA, including possible extinction of the MPEGLA pool without a license from Iviewit; Rubenstein, Proskauer and Meltzer then failed to put up a China Wall to protect the Inventions from this MASSIVE Conflict of Interest between Proskauer, Rubenstein and Proskauer’s new client MPEGLA & Iviewit.

Instead, they did the exact opposite and allowed MPEGLA to use the IP for their benefit while using Anti-Competitive Monopolistic practices to eliminate the Inventors and the Iviewit Companies and Shareholders. Perhaps, Joao’s 90+ patents were to be included in the MPEGLA patent pooling scheme by Kenneth Rubenstein, so that royalties could then be shared disproportionately with other inventors in the pool, 90+ patents giving a large share of the divided license royalties from the pool.

With Kenneth Rubenstein as Patent Counsel and the sole Patent Gatekeeper to the MPEGLA IP pools, it would be a no brainer, if Joao had not happened to get caught and a snowball of other crimes began surfacing at about the same time which led to uncovering evidence of a massive criminal enterprise operating within and controlling certain government agencies, law enforcement agencies and courts.

No wonder the Justice Department has historically broken up patent pooling schemes using Anti-Trust regulations, as this form of pooling works to deny ma and pa inventors of their Article 1, Sec 8, Clause 8, inventor rights.

Intellectual Property Rights protected at the top of the Constitution, I quote,

United States Constitution Article 1, Sec 8, Clause 8

The Congress shall have power To…Promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

These Inventor Protections are the cornerstone of Free Commerce in the United States. In the past, allegations of pooling schemes actually in the business of murdering inventors to steal their inventions or other such heinous crimes discovered have led to the breakup of patent pools like RCA’s and Singer Sewing’s in order to protect inventors.

Typically Inventors need Constitutional Protection, the only civil job protected explicity by the Constitution, is due to corporations attempting to deny royalties through heavy handed methods not ones lawyers trying to steal their clients inventions. "
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Proskauer ROse Sucks
Trillion Dollar Patent Heist.
Proskauer Rose Sucks
More on Iviewit Massive Shareholder Fraud





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Originally Posted at DeniedPatent.com Blog.  This is a Massive Story of USPTO Corruption, Judges Seemingly Paid off, Contracts breached with Huge Tech And Media Companies and all to take the technology of those who really invented it.

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