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Criminal schemes: Perry Backus The Ravalli Republic

Perry Backus: Criminal Schemes

Perry Backus is a senior reporter for Lee Enterprises from Hamilton Montana, and is EXPOSED here.

Perry Backus has lost two publishers and two editors at the Ravalli Republic.

Perry Backus works without a publisher or editor on site in Hamilton Montana at the Ravalli Republic.

Some "Janitor" named Michael Spreadbury made it happen. Some unethical reporter involved in an accident scheme is going to be exposed in this blogpost named Perry Backus who now works for the Ravalli Republic in Hamilton, Montana. Perry also covered up a hit an run in Hamilton, Montana, exposed here.

Offices of the Ravalli Republic, Hamilton Montana
232 W. Main St.
(406) 363-3300 Mountain Time

Perry Backus calls my seventh generation ranch merely a "family ranch". It is approximately 1000 acres, and because I sat on public property, and Perry Backus wrote that it is a crime of trespassing, that ranching family doesn't talk to me anymore they dont understand how sitting on a public green in the middle of August would ever be a crime.  What do you think Perry Backus?

Perry Backus Ravalli Republic
Are you a scumbag yet Perry Backus?

As a janitor at Marcus Daly Hospital, I was the only cleaning staff as a 6 car accident came in December 6, 2008. As a former FEMA officer, I was used to coordinating disasters. Here is what happened: I comforted families, brought them to waiting areas, cleaned rooms, glass off the floor, and in doing so heard the Montana Highway Patrol attempting to blame a victim of the accident as a perpetrator. Three Montana Highway Patrolman showed up that night to investigate, and report on the accident.

I coordinated the Montana Highway patrol to an empty nurses station on the far end of the Emergency Room so they would have power for their laptops, and space to work that would be out of the way of the public, physicians treating the injured, etc. Interesting enough not three weeks earlier I had taken the written test to become a Highway Patrolman on November 15, 2008 and did not get a test score. The former responsible party is now our chief justice for Montana Mike McGrath. The Chicago Times says in 2007 Montana's Mike McGrath needs to be disbarred for a DNA gaffe:

Funny, the current Department Head of Criminal Investigation (DCI) told me on the phone I would never be a Montana Highway Patrol--I must not be able to throw accidents to their satisfaction. I told him Montana ranked 48/48 in the USA for Justice, which came as a shock to him: not me.

So I heard the driver of the 5th Wheel Truck involved with the accident tell this PROUD MHP that he did not see any tail lights on the vehicle in front of him. I heard him after he was repeating the pronouncement of no tail lights, to a deaf Highway Patrol. They were told whom to blame.

So Back to PERRY BACKUS. on December 20, 2008 Perry Backus runs a story on the front page of the Ravalli Republic that the Blondie MHP thought that the 5th Wheel Hay Truck was responsible. So wouldn't you know it, I lost my "Janitor" job at Marcus Daly Hospital within weeks of standing up for the truth and standing up for helpless victims that Perry Baucus conspired to make with the Ravalli County Attorney, The MHP, and possibly the Hospital. I wrote to the administrator of the hospital that their patients were being victimized.

A few weeks later, it was 5 below zero and I am making the 1 mile walk home. I am stopped by Hamilton's ABSOLUTE finest: Hamilton Police Officer Brad Weston. Weston accused me of being a burglar a block from my house on S. 5th Street [probably the nicest established neighborhood in Ravalli County]. Everywhere I go, Hamilton Police ask where I work, and then I am gone. I expose the criminal schemes and stop the victimization's of Perry Backus and his friends of the Ravalli Republic.

After being canned, the personnel clerk literally was crying that I was not longer their janitor at Marcus Daly Hospital. I said I was not upset, it was for the best.

Perry Backus is stupid enough to push a story that I was a janitor when I graduated from a 35th ranked University, and I took the job because he helped destroy my work life. The first instance published that I was arrested was September 12, 2007 by the Ravalli Republic in Hamilton Montana--for something that is not a crime [not appearing although my attorney appeared for me due to being DEPLOYED for the Untied States].

So Perry Backus, your debts to society is removing your criminal bullshit prose from the Internet, and your 5th grade mentality that the 48th Ranked Montana is your "gang" that will protect you. You are a coward, your a a bum, Perry Backus, you go to new lows to defame people, and you are scum.

Perry Backus is more lying scum than Clemens the Boston Red Sox Pitcher

NBC Sports

Why doesn't Perry Backus look like this sap? Perry Backus is protected by the worst justice system in the United States Montana, Max Baucus, and the White House itself.

....because they are covering their own ass. Perry Backus is just their useful idiot.

The useful idot with Perry Backus own WAY:

Perry Backus backs up the criminal justice system with criminal schemes like with the Montana Highway Patrol in December 2008. Too bad it was only 3 weeks prior to Steve Bullock took over.

Steve Bullock's Montana:

Perry Backus covered up this FELONY hit and run accident September 14, 2007
sokul photo
The September 14, 2007 accident involved a Hamilton City Councilman:
[Note: some "janitor" pled for Perry Backus arrest to a State Judge in this post below:]
So Perry Backus, who covered for the criminal act of Ken Bell (happy retirement).

Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic worked with George Corn in a criminal scheme

Perry Backus's Lee Enterprises is a having a problem getting it's stock up, so I suggested VIAGRA:

Does anyone wonder why corporate lawyers for Lee Enterprises defending Perry Backus would be willing to go to jail for him, committing perjury? It is a protection racket for sure.

So why do people like Perry Backus feel so comfortable? US Judges, Corporate layers, and no federal agency is willing to tackle the criminal scheme Perry Backus is involved with. It is understood that Jim Messina former White House staff [current 2012 Obama reelection manager] can stop any agency, and we believe he replaced the deputy director of the FBI Richard Powers due to our work in Montana that he expressed interest in.

That is why Perry Backus of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper feels he is protected....because it seems safe. I think Lee Enterprise stock below $1 minimum since may might just tank Perry Backus after all. If criminal schemes are being protected by White House staff, then the public needs to know.

People need to know that officials and private actors like Perry Backus are criminals.

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