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Recall Petition Against Superior Court Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer - California Constitution provides a system for removal of elected official - Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer

"Our California Constitution provides a system for removal of elected officials who do not serve the voters who put them in office. If the voters are unsatisfied with an elected official, such as is the case with Elizabeth Feffer, a recall election is the designated course of relief provided by our Constitution.

The statement of the Beverly Hills Bar Association Statement In Response To Recall Petition Against Superior Court Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer is corrosive of the laws established by the California Constitution, Article 2 Sections 13-19, not the other way around!

The California Constitution, Article 2 Sections 13-19 which provides for Recall of a judge is not corrosive for a judge who is out of control. The unpleasant things said about this judge happen to be true.

 The fact that the Beverly Hills Bar Association wants to curry favor with this judge is another element of corrosion of the legal system which is suppose to be for the people not for the benefit of a particular out of control unlawful judge and the bar association.

The California Constitution is for the benefit for the people and the people’s right to express themselves. The Beverly Hills Bar Association statement is arrogant and sycophantic.

The California Governor, best known for bringing the Recall to California, Governor Hiram Johnson put it best:

“How best can we arm the people to protect themselves?” His answer was clear:“The initiative and referendum would permit new reforms and the precautionary measure by which a recalcitrant official can be removed is designated as the “Recall.”

"itizens of Los Angeles have joined together to clean up our Judicial System from pernicious judges like Elizabeth Feffer.

We will not stand for corruption in our Court System. Judges like Elizabeth Feffer who make outrageous, unlawful rulings against the best interest of the public will not be tolerated. Our volunteer base is growing daily as citizens have found a voice and renewed sense of hope. You too can make a difference! STOP ELIZABETH FEFFER FROM HARMING CHILDREN, ELDERS AND PARENTS!!!

JUDGE ELIZABETH FEFFER was appointed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in August, 2007. Judge Feffer began her reign of terror on or about January 5th, 2008. Since being appointed by the Governor, Judge Feffer has left a wake of victims in her path.

Victims include young children being deprived of their parents, victims of domestic violence (Judge Feffer gives the batterer restraining orders against the victims!!) and senior citizens being "ordered" to sell their homes with a price caused to be decided by Judge Feffer and a Real Estate Agent decided by Judge Feffer to boot!

Where will it end? HUNDREDS of complaints have gone to Supervising Judge Marjorie Steinberg and the Commission on Judicial Performance with facts supporting Judge Feffer's outright refusal to follow the law, Judge Feffer's refusal to investigate child abuse, Judge Feffer's refusal to give the "appearance of impartiality" causing victims of her reign to fall by the wayside as she winks and smiles at her "chosen" counsel and litigants appearing before her.

Feffer has even been known to act as the attorney for child abusers if they have no attorney giving them legal advise and inserting objections for them into the record! And poor little Alec Alejo, Elizabeth Feffer (before she became a judge) worked against this child and argued to the Appellate court that the city demurred on the grounds its police department and officers had no special duty to protect Alec from child abuse, the reporting and investigation of child abuse by law enforcement is a discretionary function! [Case Number: GC 021238] Enough is Enough, Judge Elizabeth Feffer's Philosophy, consisting of bias, failure to follow the law, lack of impartiality and lack of judicial demeanor cannot be tolerated in our Family Law Courts!"

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