Monday, August 22, 2011

Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney - Nothing Like Doing the Same Thing and Getting the Same Results - Proskauer Rose Jennifer DeWolf Paine Hires Reputation Defender to Cover up the Truth

Jenifer deWolf Paine

Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney - hires Reputation Defender to Get Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney -

Today Reputation Defender was on my StatCounter researching Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney - Jenifer Paine Proskauer Rose So I Assume, in my Belief that Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney - or the Proskauer Rose Law Firm has Hired ReputationDefender to "Defend" the Reputation of Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney, which really means to be me in the search engines for the Search Term Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney.

So along with many other Proskauer Rose Attorneys that have hired reputation defender, now Jenifer deWolf Paine, Proskauer Rose Attorney seems to be joining them as if this is going to change the outcome..

Jenifer Paine Proskauer Rose searched by ReputationDefender - Now Reputation Defender will get a bunch of dumb names like about Jenifer Paine Proskauer Rose and emurse, and business2business, and all those special tricks of Reputation Defender that actually make "Professionals" look quite "Cheesy" in the Search Engines.. but hey whatever it takes to get that Fluff out there about "Jenifer Paine Proskauer Rose" - so the the new "Jenifer Paine Proskauer Rose" clients searching for "Jenifer Paine Proskauer Rose" will find the Fluff Sites that Reputation Defender puts out, instead of the actual cases, news and facts ...

So now "Jenifer Paine Proskauer Rose" , Joseph Lecesse, Kenneth Rubenstein, Mathew Triggs, Allan Fagin, and a few others at Proskauer Rose Law Firm are paying REALLY big Money to Reputation Defender to make the Proskauer Rose Law Firm look inept at Intellectual Property and show a clear sign that Proskauer Rose Law Firm just not Get this "Internet Thing" ...

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