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Gilbert Sapperstein - Mark Sapperstein, and State of Maryland Favortism

State of Maryland Seems to Love Mark Sapperstein, and Gilbert Sapperstein Now Now as they Stick up for Mark Sapperstein, and my postings on Mark Sapperstein.. yet This not to long ago..

"Jail term halved; state asks why
Baltimore Sun ^ | Oct. 15, 2005 | Lynn Anderson
Posted on Sat Oct 22 2005 08:22:33 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time) by enots

The state prosecutor is investigating how Gilbert Sapperstein, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in a scheme to steal $3.3 million from the city schools, managed to have nine months shaved off his sentence while serving the remainder on home detention in the suburban comforts of his Green Spring Valley home.


Sapperstein, who owns All-State Boiler Service Inc., pleaded guilty in May to conspiracy, bribery and theft in connection with a scheme to defraud the city school system. He admitted to paying bribes to a city schools employee in exchange for fraudulent work orders that netted his boiler business millions of dollars in extra revenue.

At his sentencing in city circuit court in August, he repaid the $3.3 million he stole from the school system plus $200,000 in interest, and paid $508,084 in other fees and fines, including $138,084 he stole from the city Department of Public Works under a similar scheme.


In addition to his boiler business, Sapperstein is also entrenched in the city bar scene as the owner of Star Coin Machine Co. He leases video poker games to dozens of bars and is a well-known liquor license broker. When people buy liquor licenses from him, he often requires that they also lease his video poker games. Bar owners sometimes use money they earn from the poker games to help cover expenses, including money owed to brokers."

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