Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Collier County Lawsuit Cailin Nicole Soloff and Dylan Michael Soloff

"Years ago, my 3 younger brothers and I were placed under a guardianship in Collier County, FL after our father's death. Three lawyers assisted our so-called "guardian" in misappropriating nearly a million dollars from our Pennsylvania irrevocable trust, ruined our father's estate valued between $3 and $4 million, cost us nearly $2 million from the life insurance our father had set up for us under a life insurance irrevocable trust and caused all 4 of us extreme emotional distress while we were minor children.

We have all the evidence, our mother has been prevented from getting it into evidence. They pulled all the public records and hid them when my mother wrote a petition to the court outlining the illegal things they did and included her evidence. Once I reached my majority I began putting together a Federal Complaint outlining the crimes of these attorneys.

I recently filed it in Federal Court. I went this route to insure that my evidence did not go "missing" and that the crimes became a matter of Public Record. One of the attorney's was married to the head judge (they use different last names) and another is currently running for Judge in Collier County. However, I'm concerned that they may try tactics to get our complaint dismissed. I researched the attorney married to the head judge and our case is not the first that she has been accused of corruption.

I'm only 19 and a sophomore at the University of Southern California. My two youngest brothers are still minors and my third brother just turned 18 and he is just starting his freshman
year at U.S.C. I wondered if you could read my complaint and offer me some advice. I have every bit of evidence and I laid much of it out in the complaint.

These lawyers broke laws left and right and it has all been covered up. I'm wondering how to expose these crimes to insure we receive a fair trial. I copied the case from Justia below and I have attached my complaint."

Best Regards,

Cailin Soloff

Soloff et al v. Roetzel And Andress et al

Plaintiff: Cailin Nicole Soloff and Dylan Michael Soloff
Defendant: Roetzel And Andress, Cathy Reiman, Lorna Scharlachen and Tamara Nicola
Case Number: 2:2017cv00426
Filed: July 26, 2017
Court: Florida Middle District Court
Office: Ft. Myers Office
County: Collier
Presiding Judge: Sheri Polster Chappell
Referring Judge: Carol Mirando
Nature of Suit: Other Fraud
Cause of Action: 28:1332
Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff"

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DRAFT, Attached Complaint, Collier County Lawsuit Cailin Nicole Soloff and Dylan Michael Soloff

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