Friday, June 9, 2017

Well Pastor Sylvia White of the Tree of Hope Ministries Billings MT has eMailed Me. Seems a Threat to Not Fund Me. "Unbelievable" she says. Meanwhile years of using money as a weapon to CONTROL peoples lives.

Psalm 23:4
Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Sylvia White has eMailed me, what I deem as a Threat. She claims that wo is me, Pastor John has done so much for me? I will post alot on that later.

However, Pastor JOHN has not "done for me". He has lied to me, misled me and controlled my life through his church, through fake funding and through the EVIL's Of Pastor Sylvia WHITE. Who claims to be donating 50 Million dollars to my church. Well that was of the fall of 2016. She has promised funding for years and emailed me of how much she believes in what I do to help people and now because years later I want to defend myself and I want to stand up for my own rights and tell the Truth she emails me and oh no she is so disappointed in me. Apparently I am "unbelievable". WOW.

Years of moving daily, of living in the streets, and massive stress and all the while she told me that she was funding my church. NOPE never happened. Ya call me Gullible. Well I am AWAKE NOW.

Got a Tip about Pastor Sylvia WHITE?  ( Sylvia P. White, Sylvia Prickett White, Sylvia E. White, Sylvia Prichett White, Sylvia White)

Sylvia's eMail praises Pastor JOHN. Yay I am so Happy for her. You see I have many messages where she wished a hot poker up his ass and talked of how stupid he is and emails of his "cult" that arrived in Pennsylvania, oh and now poor Sylvia, and OMG days before FUNDING. Oh no does this mean I get no funding and will OMG live in the street. Oh ok, well that's no change for me.

More coming soon on the court cases, the testifying Sylvia claimed to do. The mortgage fraud where she STOLE big money from John's church with NO CONSEQUENCES.

Stay Tuned.

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