Friday, June 9, 2017

So Does Pastor Sylvia White like Pastor John Collins or ?

SO today Pastor Sylvia White emailed me, apparently now she is praising Pastor John, and she seems to be threatening to not fund me because after say 6 years I am standing up for self.

Sylvia White has misled, flat out lied and used pretend funding as a weapon to hold my life and the life of others hostage. Cruel at best, anyway take a look at what Sylvia White thought of Pastor John Collins awhile back.

I apologize for the bad photos, there will be PDF's later

the Red Hot Poker message will be posted at a later date.

Today Sylvia emailed me, apparently now she thinks highly of Pastor John and I am "unbelievable".

Sylvia continues to LIE about FUNDING and attempt to control people's life.

Does this sound like someone who likes the person they are talking about?

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