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Paul Rice; The former owner and Manage of Middletown Dreams, a downtown Port Townsend bar, is CLEARLY not a Good FIT for Port Townsend Politics.

I was personally so HAPPY when I read the article I quote from below. As YAY the Pinbar was closing and I no longer had to fear walking downtown Port Townsend, nor stand in smoke, walk through fights, or tolerate horribly loud music simply to walk down the street or to go to the Rose theater.

I have been verbally attacked for walking by and seen it happen to others. I have walked through constant smoke and noise just to get down the street. Fights were in the bar and out into the street pretty much every night.

The bar seemed to never be cleaned or taken care of, and having no good management. Which is fine, it closed and all is well.

However, WOW, next thing you know the bar manager is running for town council of Port Townsend, which I thought had to be a joke. How in the world can he manage a town with his resume of how he ran a bar downtown and a track record of bad decisions, seemingly.

"A downtown bar that caters to Port Townsend's younger element — and which could be a little rough, according to its owner — will close its doors in June."

The Pinbar downtown Port Townsend may have catered to a "younger element" however there was people of all ages in there most nights.  There was no specific younger crowd.  And it was more than a "little" rough. There were fights nearly every night out in front of the bar, which was located on a very quaint and beautiful, quiet street in Port Townsend next to an exquisite little theater that drew in a lot of locals as well as many out of towners from all over the world.

Paul Rice was not active in cleaning up this place, not active in making sure people in the streets were safe and not breathing smoke, being verbally abused, or getting physically caught up in a fight that could pop out the door at any moment. Yet we are to believe he can manage matters that affect every single man, woman, child, business and tourists in Port Townsend?


"“We have lost our passion for this,” Rice said of the business.

“If you want to run a successful restaurant or bar, the owners need to be present and very much there.”"

So then what if Paul Rice simply loses interest or passion in what is best for the people of Port Townsend? What if he simply is not "present".

YES owners need to be present, and Paul Rice was either NOT present or did nothing to try and contain crimes, respect rights of others, clean up anything at all nor to create a business that did not disrupt the quality of life of anyone who walked anywhere near it.

More Article Quotes

“I don't think we fit in with some people's vision for this town, which includes retirees, older folks, entrepreneurs and business owners,” Rice said.

“We attract people who want to cut loose a little bit, those who want an urban feel and aren't content to see the town become some kind of barely living museum."

No it did not fit in with "some" people's vision and it was not because it was a younger crowd nor any other reason that Paul Rice seems to think or state. It did not fit in simply because it had BAD management who let things and people, situations get out of control and did nothing to attempt to reign in issues, people and problems. And did nothing to make it better for those trying to walk by to other businesses, either on the main street or on the street the bar was on.

This is about an absent manager who did NOT do what was best for Port Townsend and now wants to be a councilman that will affect so very much in Port Townsend ????

Here are a few more quotes from the Newspaper article I refer to

"Rice said some Pinbar patrons will end up at Sirens or the Cellar Door, while others will be adrift because they have been banned from other establishments."

Yes, the were "banned" for a reason and then they were at the Pinbar starting fights in the street, threatening people, selling drugs out front and well should have been banned from there too but there was no responsible management.


"Rice admits the bar could be a little rough, evidenced by 39 police calls between November 2012 and today."

Yes Rice admits it, and he knew and did nothing to correct the problem. Which is fine, live and learn but then don't try and convince us that you can manage one of the best managed towns in America and do a better job then you did at the Pinbar.


"“There are times that I can't stand to be in here because it's too creepy and sketchy, and other times where it's the best place in the world,” he said.

“It depends on how I feel at the moment.”

Folks what if there are some creepy, sketchy folks in business in town, in the streets harassing people, or doing anything else that may be adverse to Port Townsend citizens? Will Paul Rice simply not be able to stand to be there? Will Paul Rice not DEAL with the issues and simply say he can't stand to be there because it's creepy and sketchy?  The ONLY reason Paul Rice's downtown Port Townsend bar was CREEPY and Sketchy

We cannot have a city councilman only be a stand up guy depending on how he "feels" at the moment. We need someone who can stand up and deal with it no matter how creepy or sketch things may get.

We have a constitutional right to not be harassed when we walk by some one's business or to be physically caught up in a fight and no owner or manager there to protect us. We have a constitutional right to clean air, quality of life and quiet enjoyment. I do not believe that Paul Rice has the passion, drive nor ability to uphold this.


"Rice manages the bar, while Monroe does the books."

Paul Rice is Clearly not MANAGEMENT material.

Folks, I am not slamming Mr. Rice. He tried something he wanted to try and thought he was passionate about, he gave it go. Then got out. However, this is not the guy for city council. Maybe a few years down the road but certainly NOT NOW. No Way !!!


"“I can't speak to whether we'll break any rules,” he said of the final event.

“But if we do, I apologize in advance.”"

So even in the end he had not learned. And he is making excuses for possibly breaking rules. As if to say that he has no respect for the rights of those in the street, or the laws of PT or that in which the city council governs. Then next thing you know he runs for a position that will be an authority in that very town he SERIOUSLY disrespected and BADLY managed.

I am sure Paul Rice is a great guy. He may be an honest guy. But he is not the right guy for city council. NO WAY.

Paul Rice does support the Port Townsend Mill and they really are spewing toxic air into the air of Port Townsend of which his newborn baby will soon be breathing this 1000 lbs of ammonia, and massive fine particle toxins every single day.

Paul Rice cannot effectively manage a business and the city of Port Townsend is a Business.

Source of Above Quotes

Great Idea, Great Location, Great Logo; Bad Management.

Port Townsend cannot afford Paul Rice for Council.

I don't know Amy Smith, but it seems to me that she can politely, non-discriminatory, and strongly deal with creepy and sketchy and not actually say those words.

Amy Smith seems to me to be Saint like. I have seen her change lives for the better over and over and never met her. She has been in the best interest of PT for the long haul. And can surely manage people of all sketchy, creepy, young, old, homeless, rich, poor and across the board equally.

The Record, Time, Facts speak volumes. The TRUTH Speaks.

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