Sunday, August 2, 2015

Judge Martin Colin Gets CAUGHT over and over protecting Florida Corruption and Florida Probate Attorneys. Why are those attorneys still licensed and why is Judge Martin Colin still on the Bench BREAKING THE LAW and Violating Constitutional Rights?

SERIOUS Abuse of Power, Violations of Ethics, Aiding and Abetting Corruption, Protecting Attorneys and Violating the rights of Florida Citizens.

Judge Martin Colin has been CAUGHT and yet is still ruining lives with BOGUS, Lawless, Fraud on the Court Rulings.

Hey remember when Judge Martin Colin wanted the Millions in Heritage Life / Jackson National insurance money moved from Illinois Courts to his tiny lawless court. MILLIONS in life insurance in regard to a man that the Palm County Sheriff Office is SUPPOSED to be investigating the Murder of???  

Corruption in FLORIDA is very Bad. And Judge Martin Colin seems to be in charge of protecting the most lawless schemes in Florida and aiding HUGE RICH law firms such as Tescher and Spallina and Alan Rose / Alan B. Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, Rose, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss, P.A. in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Judge Martin Colin has no issue with the deceased signing documents, nor attorneys forging documents, and has no respect for the law, rights or children, judicial cannons or well, anyone that is not possibly bribing him or giving him some other motive to BREAK THE LAW and Ruin Lives.

So why is the Palm County Sheriff NOT looking into murder allegations, forgery, fraud and more in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case?  Well I suppose its because they are seriously CORRUPT. And Judge Colin seems to be their buddy.

The PBSO has NO Respect for CIVIL Rights or the Law PERIOD.

Check this Out:

"FBI Raid on PBSO: Deputies Routinely Violate Civil Rights of Minorities!

WEST PALM BEACH — This week’s FBI activity at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office came after a push by Guatemalan-Maya Center lawyer Jack Scarola for the U. S. Department of Justice to investigate what he claims is the unfair treatment of minorities by sheriff’s deputies.

Jack Scarola
Guatemalan-Maya Center lawyer Jack Scarola (via Facebook)
It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: Last month, Scarola wrote a lengthy letter to U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder that outlined a series of PBSO shootings and incidents of brutality against minorities, mostly Hispanics.

The letter also blasted Sheriff Ric Bradshaw‘s handling of such incidents, including the agency’s “growing militarization” and the sheriff’s message in television appearances that minority neighborhoods are akin to “war zones.”

And to make sure that Holder got the message that PBSO’s handling of such incidents didn’t pass muster, Scarola forwarded his missive to members of the local delegation to the U.S. Congress, including U.S. Reps. Patrick Murphy, Alcee Hastings and Lois Frankel.

When asked if his effort caused Monday’s arrival of the feds at PBSO headquarters on Gun Club Road, Scarola said: “There have been stranger coincidences.”

“I’m not surprised,” the high-profile lawyer said. “And I am pleased they’re acting as requested. I contacted various government officials about this problem and I’m just pleased someone’s taking action.”

Scarola said the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, that followed the shooting death of a black man by a white police officer have placed a renewed emphasis on the use of lethal force by police on minorities.

But, Scarola says, the FBI’s apparent investigation into PBSO is independent of what’s happening near St. Louis.

“I believe that I wrote a persuasive letter,” Scarola said.

Gossip Extra broke the story last night: FBI agents were spotted at PBSO Monday to seize files pertaining to deputy-involved shootings and complaints.

Among the documents taken by the G Men were files about the public’s complaints against Lake Worth deputy Russell Brinson.

Minority leaders in Lake Worth have been asking that Brinson be fired after they found out he had a long string of use-of-force incidents, and most of them involving minorities.

Instead, the 40-year-old Brinson was re-assinged to Palm Beach International Airport security.

In his letter, Scarola mentioned one Brinson incident in which a Hispanic immigrant who tried to report a crime to Brinson was allegedly beaten down.

Scarola also reminded Holder of the principles of modern policing, including that the cooperation of the public with police is inversely proportional to police’s use of physical force.

There is, Scarola’s letter reads, a growing perception in Palm Beach County that (deputies) “are too quick to resort to the use of force — even deadly force — particularly when confronting members of the civilian population whose racial and ethnic appearance differs from their own.”


The Florida / Palm Beach County Sheriff DOES NOTHING to help solve murder cases, jewelry and real estate theft, massive attorney fraud, corruption and collusion in the Simon Bernstein Case. And Judge Martin Colin seems to be assisted by Palm County to violate the rights or the poor, minorities or anyone that Judge Colin does not WANT to be on top of the PILE. Maybe it's about who pays him the most. As I allege that Judge Martin Colin has taken bribes from Tescher and Spallina and possible Ted Bernstein's legal team including Alan B. Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, Rose, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss, P.A. in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"What will the FEDS do — They should start with SA Dave Aronberg & Alan Johnson — i.e., there relationship with the crooks at Weiss Handler & Cornwell, P.A. Fraud case fixing fraudulent documents Civil theft and legal Malpractice.

Legal Assistants sleeping with certain wealthy clients and be billed as well… Handler is operating a brothel for his clients.

Handler creates fraudulent and back dates legal DOCS. Does Handler BILL his client for his legal assistant to sleep with clients…. Mostly, yes, before Judge Martin Colin in South County.

Colin is on the handler “PAYROLL” FBI SAC Piro you have your work cut out for you.. Henry Handler and Howard Weiss should be indicted and jailed….. BTW Jack Scarola is well aware of Weiss Handler… Jack, perhaps you should write a letter to DOJ regarding WEISS HANDLER. This is CORRUPTION COUNTY!!!! As Judge Kastranakes!!!!! He indicted most of em…"


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