Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chee Burnsides has no Degree

Chee Burnsides, a former Ravalli Co. Deputy who in 2006 killed a man in his custody in Williams AZ is claiming to Findlaw that he has a JD (a lawyer).  Chee Burnsides does not have a Bachelors Degree, but has 22 credit hours at a night law school named Northern California Law Chico.

Worse off for Chee Burnsides is that he was raised in Oroville CALIFORNIA.
He was known as Chris Brower prior to Chee Burnsides:

Darbarians (residents of Darby MT) hate Californians.  Chee Burnsides is tried and true.

All of his life, he has felt he deserved more money, and more status.  Now that he is a judge, he cannot follow the law, or follow the principles of due process.  As Chee Burnsides worked for the Ravalli County Sheriff Department (he was "worried" about me sitting at the end of my road waiting for my mother to come in from out of state).  I am completely worried that Chee Burnsides will violate someone else's rights and abuse his power.  He already did.

The first amendment freedom of speech has nothing on this Judge (and non-lawyer).

The Fourteenth Amendment to equal protection has nothing on this Judge.

The Fifth Amendment (right to life) has nothing on Chee Burnsides.

Thats just getting warmed up on Judge Burnsides.  Perhaps his legal advice sweeping us into so much knowledge and trustworthy vision.  Too bad the basic precepts of rights, law, and common sense are out of touch for Chee Burnsides.

I'm just glad he doesnt have a Taser weapon when he is behind the bench.
Chee Burnsides is one dangerous man.

Ask Decedent (that means he's dead) Jensen of Arizona.  Ask me why he put me in jail outside the law, and did not uphold my right to speech in Ravalli County.

It is because we have no rights.  Care of Chee Burnsides.

This Blog network obtained information on Chee Burnsides from Arizona and New Mexico.  It is the source of the information that Chee Burnsides Darby MT judge has no Bachelors Degree, No Law school degree or JD, and swore perjury to become a police officer.

The recertification program was not completed in New Mexico--which tells us of the standard of care at the Ravalli County Sheriff.  The hiring standards include:
  • Felony Wife abuse (Deputy McConnell)
  • Felony Tampering with evidence (Deputy Albright/Hudson)
  • Killing suspect in Custody (Deputy Burnsides)
  • Grand Theft Ammo (department wide).
Judge Chee Burnsides was appointed as a Justice of the Peace for the City of Darby MT.  Do not expect Juris prudence to be smooth in front of Chee Burnsides.

Dont expect your rights.  Be thankful he does not have a service weapon or taser.
[unless he's packing under his robe].

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